Who Is The WordPress Agency?

The WordPress Agency is better known as Complex Creative, the No Bullsh*t Agency. We are a group of WordPress experts who love to produce WordPress websites that wow!

Why Choose The WordPress Agency?

Complex Creative are a top WordPress agency in London specialising in creating bespoke WordPress websites for small businesses and individuals. We’re the ideal agency for those who want to keep costs down by maintaining their websites themselves, but still benefit from a custom design.

6 Reasons To Work With The WordPress Agency


We don’t just give you a WordPress template and suggests that suits your business; we get to know you and your business first and create you a bespoke design that’s tailored to your brand.


We’re genuinely an in-house WordPress agency in London, so our team all works next to each other every day. Thanks to this setup, we’re able to produce good quality work much quicker than most other WordPress agencies.


Being a design agency, our work is really visual, so it can really speak for itself. We let our portfolio do our marketing for us. Please do check it out (link this to the CC case studies when it’s ready!) and let us know what your favourite piece of work is!


With over 12 years’ experience building WordPress sites, it’s fair to say that we know the platform pretty well! This means we can make recommendations for what works in your industry based on experience.

On Trend

We keep up to date with the latest trends in the WordPress world, meaning that the plugins we use are always the latest and best ones. We spend a lot of our time researching what’s modern and hip, so you don’t have to!


You would think that a WordPress agency with so much experience and an impressive portfolio would cost the Earth… well, we’re here to surprise you! We suit a small business budget, so please enquire for a quote!