What We Do

Here at The WordPress Agency, we aim to provide you an all-inclusive service for your WordPress website. Therefore, we don’t just stop at the WordPress design and WordPress build, but we provide complementary services such as copywriting and SEO services.

WordPress Design & Development

Our core service is a bespoke WordPress design and development. This means, we create you a custom website design in Photoshop first and then convert this into a fully responsive WordPress website that works on all devices and browsers.

The benefit of a bespoke design is that you can stand out from your competition, but naturally this is a more advanced service. If you’re just looking for a WordPress theme or WordPress template to use, we can also provide this as a more budget WordPress design service.

WordPress Training

The beauty of WordPress is that it’s easy for people to edit themselves. Therefore, we provide WordPress training so that each of our clients can do basic updates on their own WordPress site.

Many people also want to learn how to build their own WordPress website from scratch! So, we utilise a premium WordPress theme as a base and provide tailored WordPress lessons to teach them how to develop this into a fully branded WordPress website.

WordPress Agency London - WordPress hosting and computer

WordPress Hosting

An important factor in the performance of your WordPress website is the hosting. Each website needs a home on the internet, and we provide a secure and fast WordPress hosting service that’s designed to provide the best experience for any WordPress website.

We also provide a WordPress maintenance service that complements the WordPress hosting, where we provide additional WordPress security and update your theme, plugins and WordPress pro-actively all included in the package.